May 26,2018  The tire of FWD class changes.
March 22,2018  Update IRCC2018
November 29,2017  Update IRCC2018
March 28,2017  New sponsor in a class.
"Staff Service Engineering" is ST Touring car.
January 11,2017  Update IRCC2017
May 30,2016  Update the timeschedule.
April 18,2016  AOC is a sponsor of the FWD class.
March 08,2016  Registration of IRCC is opened in March 10, 2016.
Feb 04,2016  Updated IRCC2016
May 28,2015  AOC is a sponsor of the FWD class.
April 28,2015    Regulations of WGT Class were added.
April 20,2015    Regulations of Formula Class were added.
April 15,2015   The registration of IRCC2015 opened
March 31,2015   Updated IRCC2015
May 30,2014 Regulations are updated.
March 18,2014   Updated IRCC2014
June 19, 2013 The wheel of the FWD class changed.
May 23, 2013 The Handout tire has been decided.
April 18, 2013 The registration of IRCC2013 opened
April 2, 2013 Updated IRCC2013