【1/12 GT chassis Rule】

1/12EP GT chassis must be used.

Wheel base must be between 228-240mm.

Only Kyosho Plazma Lm body shells are allowed.
  PZB202 PORSCHE 962C Coupe、PZB205 TOYOTA TS-020、PZB207 MAZDA 787B、

Rear wing from original body is allowed.

Brushless Motor: must be star wound sensored 21.5T or more higher turns regarding JMRCA or ROAR rule.

Battery: LiPo 2 cells 7.4V and LiFe 2 cells 6.6V. The battery pack must have plug for safety reason.

Only ZERO Timing mode of ESC is allowed. Or the ESC which does not have timing system is allowed.
(ROAR ZERO timing regulation ESC which indicates LED flashing)

Tyre: Foam tyres made by any manufactures for this class.

Maximum rear tyre diameter is 57mm.

Minimum ride height (ground clearance): 4mm.

We will check the tyre revolution per minute before race start. It must be lower than 3200rpm.

NO Rev limiter

Light LED head and rear lights are recommended.