【2WD MINI Class Rule】

Handmade chassis or modified chassis from 4WD model are allowed.

Car must have 4 independent suspensions which operate individually.

Brushless motor: must be star wound sensored 21.5T or more higher turns regarding JMRCA or ROAR rule.

Battery: LiPo 2 cells 7.4V or 7.6V and LiFe 2 cells 6.6V.
Use a plug for the battery pack.

Non boost and zero timing ESC which indicates LED flashing is allowed.
(ROAR ZERO timing regulation ESC which indicates LED flashing)

Tyres: Hand out Tyre (All controlled tyres must be purchased at the event.)
 ☆ABC HOBBY #25801 CP-B Radial Tire / #24196 BRE 4 Stick Wheel Black (Glued)

Body shell: Production body for 1/10th scale Mini Class is allowed. Touring car type and deformed bodies are not allowed.

Handmade wing is not allowed.

The standard wings and spoilers from original body can be used.

Rear wing must be placed under the roof height including production style.

A rear wing specialized in aerodynamics can't be used.

In case using Chevron Models MSL034 or RIDE #27025, you can not place rear wing and spoiler.

Head and Rear lights must be painted or decorated by decals properly.

Minimum Weight: 1,000g

Minimum ride height (ground clearance) :5mm

We will check the tyre revolution per minute before race start. It must be lower than 3200rpm.

NO Rev limiter