Special rule for all Classes:

Only Motor Splay can be used for clean tires up. Other additive or chemic are not allowed.

Only Motor Spray and “FUNNY GRIP(PRO-CHEMI)” are allowed for traction additive. Any other liquids are not allowed.

Roll Over antenna (Steel, Carbon and FRP) is not allowed for all classes including 1/12th Pan car to protect track surface (carpet).

LiFe and LiPo packs will be checked as your first step of the technical inspection process (before each heat start).

Maximum Voltage of 2S Life pack is 7.30V.

Maximum Voltage of 1S Lipo pack is 4.20V.

Maximum Voltage of 2S Lipo pack is 8.40V.

Maximum Battery pack temperature 5degrees higher then track temperature.

LiPo battery pack must be recognized manufacture name (decal and etc) .

Corally RED series brushless motor, JET R(include old type) similar and one is not arrowed except 1/12th Pan car class.

Driver can purchase one extra controlled tyre set at the event. Maximum tyre sets are two for the whole event.


Organizer supports an AMB Personal transponder.

Entrants have to put their own AMB transponder on the chassis.


Frequency only permitted in Japan can be used.

27MHz : 26.975, 26.995, 27.025, 27.045, 27.075, 27.095, 27.125, 27.145, 27.175, 27.195, 27.225, 27.255

40MHz : 40.610, 40.630, 40.650, 40.670, 40.690, 40.710, 40.730, 40.750


Please bring spare crystals in case you use 27 and 40MHz.

1. 2WD MINI Class “1/10th 2WD MINI chassis, Handout tyre”

2. Formula Class “1/10th Formula chassis, Handout tyre”

3. ST Touring Car Class “1/10th Touring car chassis, Handout tyre”

4. World GT Class “1/10th World GT(200mm pan car) chassis”

5. 1/12 Racing Stock Class “1/12th ST Pan car”

6. 1/12 Racing MOD Class “1/12th MOD Pan car”

7. FWD Class “1/10th FWD Touring chassis, Handout tyre”