【Formula Class Rule】

Brushless motor: must be star wound sensored 21.5T or more higher turns regarding JMRCA or ROAR rule.

Battery: LiPo 2 cells 7.4V or 7.6V and LiFe 2 cells 6.6V. The battery pack must have plug for safety reason.

Only ZERO Timing mode of ESC is allowed. Or ESC which does not have timing system is allowed.
(ROAR ZERO timing regulation ESC which indicates LED flashing)

Body shell: 1/10th scale Formula type (Open wheels and single cockpit).
The body shell and driver figure must be painted.

F/R Wing: Wing must be put and made by Plastic for safety reason.
Wing must be sold on the market for Formula cars.
Aerodynamic additives other than genuine products to wing are prohibited.

Tyres: Hand out Tyre (All controlled tyres must be purchased at the event.)

 Front: ZEN Z9103
 Rear: ZEN Z9102SS

★Front tyres for 6 wheeler car must be hand out tyre too.
MOROTECH 12C-WF35、or ZEN Z9103
(In case you choose MOROTECH 12C-WF35, you need to prepare it by yourself and which need to be checked at tech inspection.Unused only

All tires should be grounded on the road.

Minimum Weight: 930g

Minimum ride height (ground clearance) :4mm