Car must have 4 independent suspensions which operate individually.

Brushless motor: must be star wound sensored 21.5T or more higher turns regarding JMRCA or ROAR rule.

Battery: LiPo 2 cells 7.4V and LiFe 2 cells 6.6V. The battery pack must have plug for safety reason.

Only ZERO Timing mode of ESC is allowed. Or the ESC which does not have timing system is allowed.
(ROAR ZERO timing regulation ESC which indicates LED flashing)

Tyre: Official Tyre (All controlled tyres must be purchased at the event.)
Controlled tyre: PANARACER PRT-28CPa, PRI-CS, PRW-A (pre glued)

Dimensions: Maximum width with body 205mm

Maximum wheelbase 273mm

Minimum ride height 5mm

Minimum body height 115mm

Rear wing width must be narrower than body width.

Rear wing height must be lower than roof height.

Maximum wing chord is 40mm. Maximum Side dam size is 20 x 40mm

The body shell must have rear bumper

Head and Rear lights must be painted or decorated by decals properly.

Minimum Weight: 1,250g